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Just like peanut butter and jelly; after a month of burying my head into python books and tutorials, it was time to top it off with my first framework.

I had been studying frameworks that go with the python language and had narrowed it down between the two. Flask OR Django? 

After reading a few articles, I decided to look into Django go first. I went to my favorite coffee shop, got myself a cup of steaming joe and pulled up the first tutorial I could find.

Because I’m a sucker for short & to the point videos I was quickly hooked on Bucky Roberts (The New Boston) “Django Tutorial for Beginners” series. Because Bucky’s channel was the first one that got me hooked, I’ll start my list with him.

The New Boston

The New Boston (Bucky Roberts) youtube channel

Youtube: /thenewboston

I have not seen a new video post from Bucky in at least a year but his Django videos are still valuable today. At this point, keep in mind that while his content is still great you won’t be able to follow step by step unless you are keeping up with the exact version of Django.

Traversy Media

Traversy Media Youtube channel logo


Youtube: /TechGuyWeb

Brad from Traversy Media covers just about all things WebDev, from the basics of front end development to just about every new framework and technology that comes out, he seems to have a video on it. 

I not a personal fan of lengthy videos but Brads’ quality of information definitely makes up for that. His is currently my go-to channel when I need a refresher or am picking up a new language and or framework.

The Net Ninja

The Net Ninja Youtube Channel


Youtube: /UCW5YeuERMmlnqo4oq8vwUpg

By far the easiest channel to follow! I absolutely LOVE the short videos. Great titles, descriptive thumbnail & for some reason super entertaining accent to listen to. 

Shaun updates outdated content regularly so I know where to look when there is an update or new release. I know its off topic but this is my go-to channel for all things javascript.


Sentdex Youtube Channel


Youtube: /sentdex

More of a python/personal vlog channel but still a great source. I first found Sentdex when I was just learning python but when it came time for Django he had a great course on his website

I still check in time to time just to see what’s new. Definitely worth the follow 🙂 

Simple Is Better Than Complex

Vitor Freita (Simple is better than complex) youtube channel


Youtube: /UCS3lgmo8xYcOGTn_fv2mLgw

Vitor has a youtube channel but I have actually never seen a video. I originally found vitor while doing a google search for general Django related questions and after a while I realized he had the answer to everything! I swear it seemed like we were building the same project with how often he had the exact answer to my very specific questions.

His website is one I’m sure you’ll run into if you ever dive deep into a Django project and run into a problem.

Coding For Entrepreneurs

Coding for entrepreneurs YouTube channel



I actually took a paid course from Justin’s website when it came time to build out my Rest API. Great content on youtube & website. Justin has put together quite a program here with his online course which takes you through the entire process with practical projects you can build while following along.

Corey Schafer

Corey Schafer youtube channel


YouTube: /schafer5

Last on the list only because I have not seen his Django series, Cory Schafer is by far the best teacher I have seen online! I found Cory when just starting with python so I can confidently say that even though I have not seen his Django series, you won’t be let down, trust me, just read the comment section in his videos. 

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