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Our export feature will use JavaScript to render a HTML table to an Excel sheet. Take note that our original table data is generated from an array of objects.

Concept Overview:

1. Turn array of objects to a HTML table

Turn JSON Array of objects into HTML Table

2. Turn table data into Excel

HTML Table to Excel Sheet

Build CSV Data & Download Link

JSON Data to CSV

Our makeCSV() function will do 2 things. 1, create CSV data out of JSON data. 2, Create a link to download our CSV data into an excel file.

Make CSV javascript function


Our excel data wont actually reference the HTML table, just the data in it. As you will see in the demo code below, when we are looping through the array to create the table we are also creating a CSV file that represents the table exactly.

The CSV data will be stored in its own variable and will be triggered by the download button to which we attached a link to. Review the code below for a better understanding of whats going on here and test out the download button.

Source Code

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