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Follow anybody that has visited my website with banner ads wherever they go.

How it works:

  1. User visits website
  2. Users computer gets assigned a new id that gets added to my marketing list.
  3. Banner ads will now show when user visits other websites

Set Up:

  1. Create Campaign
  2. Create Ad
  3. Add tag to website (For generating re-marketing list)

Setting up our Re-Marketing campaign

  1. Select “Display Campaigns”. Then click on “Campaigns”
  2. Create new campaign
    • Set goal to “Sales”
    • Select Display
    • Set up campaign
    • When you get to “Audiences” select “How they have interacted with you business (Re marketing & Similar audiences)”
    • Finally select website “Visitors” and “Users

3. now you can create you add


Generate Re marketing List by Adding Tags to website

  1. Log into adwords account
  2. Click the tools icon and under the shared library column click “Audience Manager”
  3. In audience list Click the add icon and select website visitors

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