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  1. Install Heroku CLI
  2. Install Git
  3. Login to Heroku
  4. Checking & changing git remote
  5. Cloning Files from heroku
1 – Install Heroku CLI

Install the heroku CLI (Command Line interface). You can do this by simply doing a google search for “Heroku CLI” and following instructions or by going to this link directly (Heroku CLI).

2 – Install Git

Once we have the heroku CLI we will need to install git. You can also do this by performing a google search for heroku git installation or by going to this link directly (Git installation).

3 – Login to Heroku

If you dont already have a heroku account make sure you set one up first.

To login simply open you command prompt and type “Heroku Login” and type in the credentials to your heroku account.

You should now be logged in and can pull and push projects from and to your heroku account remotely.

Make sure to initialize git by running “git init”

4 – Checking & Changing Git Remote

Before you begin pushing files to heroku you will want to make sure you are in the correct git remote. To check the git remote you can run the command “git remote -v“.

If you are not in the project you want to be you can change your git remote by running “heroku:git remote -a app_name“.

5 – Cloning Files from heroku

To clone a project from heroku to your local computer simply run the command “heroku git:clone – app_name“.

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