In Django

In this post we will not cover the details of static files. We will create a simple Dajngo project that renders an image using static files, nothing more.

We can set up our static files in 3 quick steps:

1 – Configure static files in

In newer versions STATIC_URL  is define and  django.contrib.staticfiles is included in your INSTALLED_APPS


2 – Create static folder

In the root direcory of your project create a folder call ‘static’ (Same name as you STATIC_URL in step 1).

Inside that folder create an images folder and add an image.

3 – Add image to template

To add an image to our template we need to do two things

  1. Load in our static url: {% load static %}
  2. Add image with path to url:  <img src=”{% static ‘images/construction.png’ %}”>

Now open up you page an you should have an image in your template.

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